Conflict in the Workplace?

Conflict in the workplace is a normal and natural part of a working environment. Conflict can be helpful in making changes within the workplace. However, unresolved conflict can result in feelings of unhappiness, frustration, depression, anger and other emotions. It can result in behaviour such as physical or emotional withdrawal, resignation from jobs, dissolution of personal relations, aggression, and even violence.

Would you be willing to consider an alternative way of dealing with this situation?

If so, Mediation is a confidential, independent, impartial process and can help to resolve a conflict in the workplace in a way that is effective and sustainable. Mediation is not about finding out who is right or who is wrong, mediation is a way to explore a solution acceptable to all parties concerned.

Calm Conflict Solutions operates mainly in the Lisburn and Belfast areas of Northern Ireland.

The Benefits of Workplace Mediation:

  • quick to set up
  • less costly in every sense of the word (ie financially, management time, employee stress, and the effects of an unproductive working environment)
  • more positive: more likely to give those involved the outcomes they want
  • more constructive: helps restore working relations rather than destroy them.

    Employment legislation now advocates the use of mediation to settle grievances.
    Here are some time and money facts and figures associated with workplace disputes from The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development 2007 survey Managing Conflict at Work:
  • Organisations spend on average 15 days in management time, HR time and in-house employment lawyers’ time preparing for an employment tribunal hearing.
  • Taken together, employers spend on average a total of 351 days of HR and management time a year dealing with disciplinary and grievance cases and responding to tribunal claims.
  • The average costs associated with employment tribunal claims come to almost £20,000 per organisation per year.
  • I have worked in a wide range of disputes to help clients to resolve their conflicts. Supporting clients to find an agreeable solution in order for them to move forward.

    I offer an affordable service and I am available for a confidential discussion. Contact Susie Adams, Calm Conflict Solutions without obligation, to see whether I can be of service click  this link to submit an enquiry form.

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    “Although we were nervous about mediation Susie made the whole process very user friendly. Her presence was never intrusive but equally she represented the essence of our position to the other side at the most appropriate times during mediation”