Family Mediation in Lisburn, Belfast and Northern Ireland

Family Matters

As a parent, I understand the challenges of family life.  Changes in families happen all the time.  Most of time we manage the changes without difficulties arising.  But if you or a family member are experiencing unresolved conflict I can offer the services of Mediation/Conflict Coaching.   I have been developing my skills as a Mediator and Conflict Coach over a 15 year period. 


If you are experiencing conflict with a family member and  have not been able to resolve the conflict,  Mediation and Conflict Coaching are both services that are offered to help you to move forward.  They are both confidential and voluntary processes.  Conflict Coaching helps individuals to find a constructive way forward without the involvement of another person.  Mediation helps to bring together family members in a neutral venue to discuss together an agreeable  way forward.  


Below is a mediation session between a mother and son.  After the mediation the mother kindly agreed to discuss her experience of being involved in our mediation session.


Why did you want to have a mediation session?

The arguments between myself and my 20 yr old son had built up over a period of time.  I was facing the same unresolved issues and friction was becoming tiresome and more frequent.  It was also affecting other members of the family.  I felt stuck doing the same things only for the same issues to resurrect.  I realised that the issues were only being dealt with on a superficial basis.


What were your thoughts before mediation?

I felt relief coming at the problems in a different angle and the newness of the approach was in itself quite empowering.


How did feel about the structure of the mediation process?

The structure was so key to allow the both of us to express and hear each other.  It gave me space to listen to my son and also to respond in a more controlled manner.


Did you have any concerns about mediation?

I had a fear if this didn’t work where would I go and how would my son and I resolve these issues with it not having an adverse effect on our relationship.


What was your view after the mediation session?

My view is that we were both in agreement that it was the longest time we had sat together and exposed ourselves emotionally.  It felt good to be involved in sharing our feelings and working together to negotiate our own solution.


Would you like Family Mediation?

If you would like to have a confidential chat about having Family Mediation please click on the contact link