Mediation in Northern Ireland

We offer Mediation in Northern Ireland for a range of different disputes including:

What is Mediation?

Mediation is about helping people to have difficult conversations. In more text book terms, Mediation is an informal process during which an impartial third party, the mediator, assists disputing parties in reaching a mutally acceptable resolution regarding their dispute.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process that encourages disputes to be settled as quickly and effectively as possible. It can be quicker and less stressful than sorting out your dispute through court action, and cheaper.

If you are in an ongoing relationship with the other person or people involved, a mediated resolution can lead to a more positive relationship in the future. Mediation in Northern Ireland gives you and the other person or people involved the opportunity to concentrate on what the real issues of the case are and to create a resolution that works for you.

While there may be animosity or other objections to the other person(s) involved or their actions in the past, the focus of mediation is always to support a better way of doing things in the future. The mediator will not give opinions or take sides, they are present to ensure a constructive discussion can occur, directed towards creating a better way forward. Mediation cannot provide anything other than this and so the continuous focus and emphasis on creating a way forward rather than remaining stuck in the past is one of the ways in which mediation is a highly effective way of helping people resolve their difficulties.

Some of the benefits of resolving a difficult situation through mediation such as an entrenched family argument, workplace dispute, damaged personal relationship, client or customer complaint, neighbour dispute,communication breakdown etc. include:

  • More time to relax or get on with something productive - less time gets taken up 'obsessing' over the difficulty and/or being contacted about it.
  • More energy - less energy is taken up through bodily tension and stress induced by the difficulty.
  • Increased confidence - unresolved conflict can lead us to question ourselves in ways that seem to have no answers.
  • Happier interactions with loved ones - unresolved conflict can distract us from being 'present' with those we are close to.
  • More creative and productive interactions with colleagues, clients and customers at work - unresolved workplace disputes and client complaints can dramatically affect productivity and, therefore, profit.

We are able to offer Mediation for a range of different situations so please get in touch if you feel we could help.

How do I get access to Mediation in Northern Ireland?

Contact Susie Adams, Calm Conflict Solutions without obligation, to see whether I can be of service to you for further information click on this link to submit an enquiry form.

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