Susie Adams - Mediator, Conflict Coach and Trainer.

I was born and grew up in a disadvantaged estate in Northern Ireland. Growing up in Northern Ireland during the conflict shaped my outlook on dealing with difficult situations. My development has been enriched by living in diverse communities. I passionately believe in the importance of open and constructive communication, acknowledging the past and supporting change for the future. I have 20 years experiences as a Mediator, Trainer, Facilitator, Conflict Coach, Mentor and Manager. 

An Associate Mediator, Trainer and Conflict Coach for CAOS Conflict Management. I work with CAOS Conflict Management training university staff, community organisations and private individuals the process and skills of using mediation to resolve issues and support communication.

A Case Manager, Mediator, Trainer and Conflict Coach for the London Borough of Hillingdon - Community Mediation Service.  Predominantly offering community mediation.  Training and supporting volunteers to mediate in the community.  I was part of a small team to introduce the first publicly available conflict coaching service to individuals.

A Facilitator and Project Co-Ordinator for Act for Change - I co-ordinated and facilitated a program with secondary schools wherein a survivor from the holocaust talks to students about their experiences. As a facilitator I debriefed the students on what they had heard and to inspire attitudes of personal responsibility that enable the students to be agents of positive change. I also trained new facilitators to deliver the Act For Change program and debriefed the facilitators after the workshops.

I established a community project in an area of high deprivation in London. Providing information, advice and guidance to local residents. Project managing courses beneficial to the local community. Supporting families to access core services. Working alongside the local Children’s Centre, Health Visiting team and the local Police to support hard to reach families.

Trainer and Mentor for a Mentoring Service. I trained mentors on a three day course preparing them to mentor a young person experiencing difficulties.

Associate Member For Global Mediation based in London - providing special educational needs mediation, travelling throughout the South East of England and Isle of Wight.

I have also mediated in many cases which include workplace, family and schools.

I have worked hard at challenging myself over the years in not only developing my style but to deepen my understanding of the principles of effective communication.

We all sometimes need help and support. I understand how lonely, difficult and painful conflicting situations are. But it is also my understanding that by creating the right space and the right structure helps to work through difficulties in order to create different responses in future situations.

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Thank you Alan for mentioning me in your acknowledgement and  I hope that your book is read with the passion and wisdom that you have shown to me and others over the years.