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Who we are is hugely influenced by the people we meet, the experiences that we have and the lessons that we learn.  I have been fortunate to have worked in diverse communities, with holocaust survivors and had many experiences of using conflict as an opportunity for positive change.  My passion is learning from my challenges, supporting open communication and accepting and managing change.  Each of the talks last for 30 mins – 1 hour.  I am available to attend staff meetings/AGM meetings or other events that you feel would be a useful platform for supporting communication.



How I use Conflict as a positive opportunity:

The idea of this talk is introduce a different approach of looking at conflict and how we can respond to it in our daily life in a way that helps us openly communicate. To attempt to use the conflict as an opportunity to create a positive change and what we can learn about ourselves by using this approach. I draw my learning from the 16 years of experience in working in community, family, workplace, schools and special educational needs mediations.



Learning lessons from the Past with Holocaust Survivors:

The idea of this talk is to explain what I learnt from the holocaust survivors.  I was fortunate to have had opportunities to work as a project co-ordinator for holocaust survivors which included driving the survivors to and from the schools.  Each of the survivors taught me lessons about open communication, finding a way to talk about your challenges and the qualities that made a difference to them.



How to support diverse families:

The idea of this talk is to talk about my experience of setting up a family outreach service in an area of high social deprivation just outside London.  The diversity of the families who used the centre and the beauty of the awareness of the benefits of accepting different ethnicity’s and the learning that that can bring. The experience of working with a woman who did not have an opportunity to learn English as a second language and the suffering that she experienced. 



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