Workshops In Schools

Would a Conflict, Listening, Communication and Change Workshop benefit your School?  

This unique workshop is available to schools throughout Northern Ireland in support of the revised curriculum. The session is interactive, interesting and empowering. The workshop aims to compliment schools in Northern Ireland in their delivery of Lessons for Life, Citizenship and Personal Development classes.  The aim of the workshop is to help young people to understand conflict as an opportunity for change, positive listening, effective communication and considerations when we choose to change. 

More often when we think about conflict we think of the negative connotations associated with it.  What we don’t often consider is the changes that can be made when conflict is used as an opportunity to create something new.  The workshop has been designed for young people to understand that conflict is a very natural part of life.  We successfully manage conflict every day in a way that we don’t acknowledge or control.  Conflict in the weather creates rainbows, canyons and our very own Giant’s Causeway.

I have been facilitating workshops for holocaust survivors, training mediators, conflict coaches and mentors since 2000.  My development over the years has been driven by experiencing the benefits of identifying my own changes and learning through my own challenges in life.  The workshop draws reference from the conflict in Northern Ireland and the inspirational  changes that have been made.  Whilst it is important to learn lessons from the past, it is also important for our young people to learn how to consider conflict as an opportunity to strengthen us.


After the workshop, if requested, we can offer other opportunities to support conflict and change development in your school.  Our involvement can range from one off sessions through to training teachers/students in the skills of mediation and conflict coaching.

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